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Mobile Massage Therapist

At East Coast Massage in Coffs Harbour, we're dedicated to providing a serene sanctuary where our clients can experience profound relaxation and rejuvenation. Our mission is to:

  • Alleviate chronic pain, promoting lasting relief

  • Enhance sleep quality for a more restful and rejuvenating experience

  • Foster greater flexibility, empowering clients to move freely and comfortably

  • Release physical tension, promoting overall well-being

  • Address back, neck, and shoulder discomfort, restoring comfort and ease of movement

Additionally, we offer holistic facials and treatments tailored to each individual's unique skin type, ensuring a personalised experience that leaves them feeling pampered and revitalized.


Our commitment to quality extends to the products we use, as we incorporate pure essential oils in our diffusers and employ high-quality natural massage oils and facial products. Experience the ultimate in wellness and luxury at East Coast Massage.


You can find us at:

East Coast Massage

4/102 West High Street

Coffs Harbour, NSW, 2450

0491 647 267





Most Popular Services

Experience the revitalizing effects of our Remedial Massage service, conveniently located in Coffs Harbour.


Our expert therapists specialise in addressing specific areas of tension and discomfort to alleviate pain and restore harmony to your body.


Whether you choose to visit our serene home studio or opt for the convenience of a mobile session, our Remedial Massage in Coffs Harbour is tailored to provide personalised care and promote healing.


Schedule your appointment today and discover the benefits of improved mobility and overall well-being.

Remedial Massage

Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Indulge in the soothing and detoxifying effects of our Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage in the heart of Coffs Harbour.


This specialized massage technique helps reduce bloating, improve circulation, and enhance overall well-being.


Whether you choose to unwind in our serene home studio or enjoy the convenience of a mobile session, our Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage offers a luxurious and rejuvenating experience.


Book your appointment now to embark on a journey of relaxation and revitalization.

Restore Facial

Experience our indulgent 90-minute Restore Facial, a complete rejuvenation treatment for your skin and soul.


This luxurious session includes a tailored facial to address your skin's specific needs, leaving you with a radiant complexion.


Our expert therapists will also provide a calming face-lifting massage, enhancing your natural beauty for a youthful appearance.

As part of this pampering experience, enjoy gentle massages for your neck, head, arms, and feet, ensuring total relaxation and revitalization.


With our 90-minute treatment, we elevate self-care to new levels, leaving you feeling completely restored and glowing inside out.

Back Massage

Are you suffering from neck, back and shoulder pain, dealing with chronic headaches, stressed from work, overwhelmed with life at home, exhausted from carrying it all, or feel you have put your own needs on the back burner for too long? Then you have found the right place. 

Why Choose East Coast Massage in Coffs Harbour

Easy Scheduling

Online booking, book, amend or cancel (please see cancellation policy here) at your own convenience.

taking notes

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We listen to your needs and preferences, tailoring each treatment to meet your expectations.

Customised Treatments

Spray Bottle

We maintain rigorous cleanliness standards, including thorough cleaning, disinfection, and surface changes between clients, in strict adherence to hygiene and COVID-19 protocols.

Clean and Tidy


We don’t accept tips! The price you see is the price you pay! Save your money and put it towards your next treatment.

No Tipping

Have you ever left a massage, feeling like you needed a massage? So frustrating. Fear not, we will provide you with just the right amount of pressure right where you most need it. It's a promise.

No Fluff


Safe Space

Person Icon

We provide a non-judgmental and accepting atmosphere. Leave your insecurities at the door. Your comfort our my utmost priority.

Massage Coffs Harbour

Imagine waking up after a good night's rest, having no more pain in your back, neck or shoulders.


Having increased range of motion so you can go on a walk, run after your kids, or just move without pain. You feel clear, energetic and focused. Ready to tackle the day.

This is possible with targeted therapeutic massage. Let us help you feel like yourself again.


Your body is your most priceless possession.

Take care of it.

Improve Your Physical and Mental Health with Our Remedial Massage Coffs Harbour

Experience unparalleled relaxation and relief with our professional massage services in Coffs Harbour. At East Coast Massage, we specialise in remedial treatments and lower back pain massages, addressing your unique needs. Discover the rejuvenating benefits of expert care designed to revitalise your body and mind.

East Coast Massage offers a diverse range of specialised massage services in Coffs Harbour. Our experienced therapists provide personalised treatments to alleviate pain, improve mobility, and enhance overall well-being. Whether you’re struggling with chronic pain or seeking a moment of relaxation, our tailored approach ensures you receive the highest quality care.

At East Coast Massage, we are dedicated to providing top-tier massage services that cater to the specific needs of our clients in Coffs Harbour. Our comprehensive approach ensures each session is customised to address your concerns effectively, offering significant relief and relaxation.

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Lower back pain massage Coffs Harbour.webp

Expert Techniques for Massage Coffs Harbour

Our massage services in Coffs Harbour are meticulously designed to promote overall health and well-being. By utilising a variety of expert techniques, our therapists target areas of tension and pain, helping to reduce stress and enhance physical function. Each session is customised to ensure maximum benefit, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and invigorated.

We start with a comprehensive assessment to understand your specific needs and concerns. This allows us to tailor our approach, ensuring that we address the root causes of any discomfort. Our range of techniques includes Swedish massage for relaxation, deep tissue massage for chronic pain relief, and sports massage to improve flexibility and performance. By combining these methods, we provide a holistic treatment that not only alleviates symptoms but also promotes long-term health and well-being.

Massage Coffs Harbour with Tailored Treatments for Every Need

Understanding that every client has unique needs, we offer a diverse range of massage styles, from relaxing Swedish massages to intense deep-tissue treatments. Our goal is to provide you with a personalised experience that addresses your specific health concerns, ensuring you receive the care and attention you deserve.

We believe in creating a customised treatment plan for each client. During your initial consultation, we discuss your health history, current symptoms, and wellness goals. This information helps us recommend the most appropriate massage techniques for you. Whether you need to relax after a stressful week, recover from an injury, or improve your athletic performance, we have the skills and knowledge to help. Our therapists use a combination of techniques to maximise therapeutic benefits, ensuring you leave each session feeling better than before.

Comprehensive Coffs Harbour Massage Services for Wellness

East Coast Massage in Coffs Harbour offers comprehensive massage services aimed at promoting wellness and relaxation. Our skilled therapists use advanced techniques to relieve muscle tension, improve circulation, and foster a deep sense of relaxation. Whether you need to unwind after a stressful day or seek relief from chronic pain, our massages are designed to meet your needs.

We begin each session with a thorough consultation to understand your specific needs and health goals. Our treatments include a variety of techniques, such as Swedish massage for relaxation, deep tissue massage for muscle tension, and sports massage for enhanced performance. By tailoring our approach to each client, we ensure you receive the most effective treatment for your condition. Our goal is to leave you feeling rejuvenated, relaxed, and ready to face your day with renewed energy.

Personalised Care and Professional Expertise with Our Coffs Harbour Massage

Our Coffs Harbour massage services are delivered by professional therapists who are committed to providing personalised care. We take the time to understand your individual health goals and tailor our treatments accordingly, ensuring you receive the most effective and beneficial massage therapy available.
•    Personalised Consultation: Each session starts with a personalised consultation to discuss your health history and wellness goals.
•    Customised Treatment Plans: We create customised treatment plans that address your specific needs and conditions.
•    Advanced Techniques: Our therapists are skilled in a variety of advanced techniques, ensuring effective and targeted relief.
•    Ongoing Support: We offer ongoing support and recommendations to help you maintain your wellness between sessions.

We pride ourselves on offering a holistic approach to massage therapy. Our experienced therapists are trained in various techniques, allowing them to provide a treatment that is both effective and enjoyable. Whether you're dealing with chronic pain, recovering from an injury, or simply need to relax, we are here to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every session at East Coast Massage is a step towards better health and well-being.

Remedial Massage Coffs Harbour -
Therapeutic Solutions for Pain Relief

At East Coast Massage, remedial massage focuses on treating musculoskeletal issues through targeted techniques. Our therapists are skilled in identifying and addressing pain points, promoting healing, and improving mobility. This therapeutic approach is ideal for clients dealing with injuries, chronic pain, or postural problems, providing effective and lasting relief.

We start with a detailed assessment to understand your specific pain points and issues. This allows us to create a customised treatment plan tailored to your needs. Our remedial massages include techniques such as deep tissue manipulation, myofascial release, and trigger point therapy, all aimed at reducing pain and enhancing mobility. Our goal is to not only alleviate your current pain but also to address the underlying causes, ensuring long-term relief and improved physical function.

Massage lower back pain Coffs Harbour.jpg

Remedial Massage Coffs Harbour to Enhance Recovery and Performance

Remedial massage not only alleviates pain but also enhances overall physical performance. By improving circulation and flexibility, our treatments help you recover faster from injuries and prevent future issues. Trust our skilled therapists to support your journey to optimal health with comprehensive remedial massage services in Coffs Harbour.

Our remedial massages are designed to support your body's natural healing processes. Improved circulation helps deliver essential nutrients to injured tissues, accelerating recovery. Enhanced flexibility reduces the risk of future injuries and improves overall performance. Whether you're an athlete looking to enhance performance or someone recovering from an injury, our remedial massage can help you achieve your health goals. We use a combination of massage techniques to ensure you receive the best possible care tailored to your specific needs and conditions.

Specialized Lower Back Pain Massage Coffs Harbour

Lower back pain is a common issue that can significantly affect your quality of life. East Coast Massage offers specialised lower back pain massage services in Coffs Harbour to provide targeted relief. Our therapists focus on the root causes of your pain, using effective techniques to deliver lasting results and improve your overall well-being.

We begin with a thorough assessment to understand your specific pain points and underlying causes. This allows us to create a tailored treatment plan that addresses your unique needs. Our specialised techniques include deep tissue massage, myofascial release, and trigger point therapy, all aimed at reducing pain and enhancing mobility.

Massage Coffs Harbour.jpg

Comprehensive Approach to Pain Management with Our Lower Back Pain Massage Coffs Harbour

Our approach to managing lower back pain includes a thorough assessment to identify the sources of discomfort. We then apply targeted treatments to alleviate pain, enhance mobility, and prevent recurrence. Experience the benefits of a comprehensive pain management strategy with our expert care.
•    Thorough Assessment: We start with a detailed evaluation to understand the root causes of your pain.
•    Targeted Treatments: Customised massage techniques to specifically address lower back pain.
•    Enhanced Mobility: Improving flexibility and movement to prevent future discomfort.
•    Prevent Recurrence: Long-term strategies to maintain back health and avoid future issues.

Effective Relief for Chronic Pain with Our Massage for Lower Back Pain Coffs Harbour

Our specialised massage services for lower back pain in Coffs Harbour offer effective relief from chronic discomfort. Using a combination of deep tissue and therapeutic techniques, we target the underlying causes of pain, helping you achieve long-term relief and improved mobility.

We use a variety of techniques to ensure effective pain relief, including deep tissue massage to break down adhesions, myofascial release to improve tissue flexibility, and trigger point therapy to address specific pain points. Our goal is to provide comprehensive care that not only alleviates pain but also enhances your overall physical function.

Coffs Harbour Massage.jpg

Specialised Massage for Lower Back Pain Coffs Harbour for Holistic Treatment

At East Coast Massage, we believe in a holistic approach to treating lower back pain. Our massages not only address the physical aspects of pain but also promote relaxation and overall well-being. Trust us to provide comprehensive care that enhances your quality of life.

•    Holistic Approach: We focus on both physical relief and mental relaxation.
•    Comprehensive Care: Combining various techniques for maximum benefit.
•    Enhanced Quality of Life: Helping you move more freely and comfortably.
•    Ongoing Support: Providing guidance and tips for maintaining back health.

Our holistic approach ensures that we address not only the symptoms but also the underlying causes of your pain. This integrated strategy helps you achieve better overall health and prevents future pain issues. Experience the difference of holistic treatment with our specialised lower back pain massage services in Coffs Harbour.

Why Choose East Coast Massage for Your Massage in Coffs Harbour?

At East Coast Massage, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional massage therapy tailored to your specific needs. Our team of highly trained therapists is dedicated to providing personalised care that addresses your unique health concerns, whether you're seeking relief from chronic pain or simply looking to relax. We combine advanced techniques with a deep understanding of the human body to ensure you receive the most effective treatment possible.

Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction sets us apart in Coffs Harbour. We use only the highest quality, eco-friendly products in our treatments to ensure the best results without compromising your health or the environment. By choosing East Coast Massage, you are selecting a partner in your wellness journey who prioritises your well-being and comfort above all else.

Benefits of Choosing East Coast Massage

•    Experienced Therapists: Our team has extensive training and expertise in various massage techniques.
•    Personalised Care: Each session is tailored to meet your individual health goals and needs.
•    Holistic Approach: We focus on overall well-being, addressing both physical and mental health.
•    Eco-Friendly Products: We use natural, high-quality products in all our treatments.
•    Flexible Scheduling: We offer convenient appointment times to fit your busy lifestyle.
•    Affordable Rates: Our services are competitively priced without compromising on quality.
•    Customer Satisfaction: We are committed to providing exceptional service and care to all our clients.
•    No Tipping: Enjoy your massage without the pressure to tip, knowing that our therapists are compensated fairly.
•    No Fluff: Our massages are designed to provide just the right amount of pressure where you need it most, ensuring effective relief.
•    Safe Space: We offer a non-judgmental and accepting atmosphere, making your comfort our top priority.

Book Your Session Today

Don’t let pain and stress control your life. Contact East Coast Massage to schedule your personalised massage session in Coffs Harbour. Our expert therapists are ready to help you achieve optimal health and relaxation. Book now and experience the transformative benefits of professional, tailored care.

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